Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Fat Pimp has become a luminary in Hip Hop. His infectious beats, captivating lyrics, and undeniable charisma have solidified his position in the industry. Drawing inspiration from Southern rap, he crafts a unique sound blending infectious hooks, melodic flows, and hard-hitting beats, earning him a dedicated fan base and numerous accolades. 'Rack Daddy,' his breakout hit, became a nationwide anthem, propelling him to stardom and leading to collaborations with renowned artists. As a sought-after producer, Fat Pimp creates infectious rhythms, contributing to the evolution of Hip Hop. Beyond his musical talent, he's known for his larger-than-life personality and electrifying stage presence, captivating audiences at sold-out shows and major events. With an unwavering work ethic, Fat Pimp sets new standards for artistic excellence, propelling him to the forefront of Texas Hip Hop. Remaining true to his roots, Fat Pimp connects with fans through his music and unforgettable live experiences. With infectious energy and passion, he leaves an indelible mark on the world of Hip Hop. Stay tuned for the next exhilarating chapter in the journey of Fat Pimp, the Texas Hip Hop Superstar, as he continues to redefine the genre with his unmistakable sound and unparalleled artistry.

Join us at the Houston bar & restaurant 93til, located at 1601 W Main St, Houston, TX 77006, for an extraordinary night of "Beats & Bourbon" featuring the dynamic Producer, Songwriter, and Artist Fat Pimp. Dive into the musical realm as Fat Pimp, renowned for his hit songs like Rack Daddy, Mazerati, Roll Me up, and the chart-toppers from his collaborative masterpiece, "The Art Of Ratchet," with label mate T!M NED. Fat Pimp will also be unveiling a few tracks from his highly anticipated album, "But You Can Call Me Chris," and sharing the inspiration behind the album title. Be prepared to be captivated as Fat Pimp guides you through the creation process of his iconic singles and the tracks he has produced for notable artists. Through an engaging breakdown, he will unveil his distinctive approach, offering insights into the craft of producing unforgettable songs. Join us for a night filled with music, revelations, and the finest bourbon – an experience that transcends beyond the beats.