Pain, struggle, the trials and tribulations of life…all things that everyday people go through at some point or another. Singer/Songwriter Susan Carol, however, has the unique ability to take those experiences and transform the emotions into effortless and heart grabbing melodies of song. Captivating audiences from all over the dynamic populations of Houston, TX , Susan let’s her previous experiences from such as the death of her father at the tender age 9, to dealing with homelessness while trying to get a college education, show through her raw musical talents. It’s always been her way to escape and feel free from the many aspects of growth and change. 


With a new year, comes new beginnings for Susan Carol. Social media is buzzing with her constant flood of home video content and fans are getting the opportunity to watch her live in top tiered local venues among the best artist Houston has to offer.


“Stay focused and follow your dreams. Spread only love, not hate. Smile more often” – Susan Carol